CLOTHING products include slips, gowns, dusters, dresses, lap robes, ponchos, jump suits and fashion sets. We have back snap styles and NON adaptive clothing.

This specialty clothing catalog is directed toward traveling retail stores, wholesalers, home health care retailers, medical supply stores and online retailers.  Many of the items are an “ADAPTIVE” design meaning a fuller fit and a back snap opening access.  Function and fashion are combined to create the garments. Other garments are “NON ADAPTIVE” which do not have the back snap feature, but are a comfortable fuller fit.  Many of the clothing items are designed for either a geriatric or disabled person with limited mobility.

Since 1992, we have designed and produced all of the products you see in this catalog right here in our Northern New Jersey factory. Proud to say “MADE IN THE USA.” There are no middlemen involved because we are the direct manufacture.

Some of the products are made to order meaning that we accumulate orders from several customers and then go ahead and produce the item for immediate shipping.  Other items are made to stock and ship.  We are continually searching for appropriate assorted fabrics to use in production.

Take a look at what we offer. You will not be disappointed. If there is something you do not see, ask and perhaps we can produce this item.

Thanks for looking and we look forward to your business.


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